Mobile electronics and Infotainement.

A consolidated network

Nordsound Technology is a trademark in the audio-entertainment branch, with an extensive and long-serving expertise in a wide range of applications and fields. Our production involves multiple sectors such as Automotive, Public Transports (train, bus, underground), Agriculture, Industry and Industrial Transport (trucks), Marine, Aerospace Our strengths:

All of our work aims at the supply of turn-key services customizable from the design to the logistic solutions and at an optimization of all the supply chain. Many of our products are at the top of European automotive speakers sales ranking. We are ready to fulfil any request and solve any problem for our customers: every need for a customer is a priority for us.




Nordsound is particularly committed to Research & Development in terms of product innovation...


Quality, research, innovation and customer care are our strength . “Turn-key” services...


Nordsound can boast a considerable experience in this field. Our market are oem and aftermarket...